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TerZa Construction Group specializes in Commercial, Industrial, Federal, and Residential construction services. Our goal is to help every customer maintain a safe environment, protect their property and sustain its value while staying on top of energy efficiency incentives. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and this translates into the work we offer.

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TerZa Construction Group offers the following services:

Commercial, Industrial and Federal Roofing:

We offer various roofing options, including metal roofing, built-up roofing and spray-on silicone roofing.

Residential roofing:

Choose from metal roofing, shingles, clay tile, slate, rolled (MSR), silicon, synthetic and solar roofing.

Siding and gutters:

We specialize in different siding types such as horizontal lap siding, vertical board siding, clapboard and shingles. We also provide fascia gutter installations.


Depend on us to create walls, ceilings and design features in your new building.

Window installations and replacements:

Let more light inside with new, high-quality windows.


Refresh your space with a new coat of paint. We'll deliver a beautiful, even finish.

Preventive maintenance service contracts

Preventive maintenance contracts can benefit our customers in various ways:

  • Routine preventive maintenance lowers overall operating costs and reduces any downtime.
  • Regular repairs and upkeep prevent parts and components from excessive wear and sudden failure.
  • Routine maintenance will help identify major issues before tremendous damage occurs.
  • Maintenance and inspections can increase a project's overall lifespan.
  • Regular maintenance will help sustain and/or increase a property's value.
  • Regular maintenance can reduce costs excessive costs in the short and long term.